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Replication origins clustered by preferential association with chromatin features. A heat map showing clustered standardized mean-centered AMI values (for examples, see Fig. 4, Additional file 1: Fig. S3 and Additional file 1: Table S4) representing the extent of preferential association between origins and chromatin markers. For each chromatin modification, AMI values measure the extent of association with replication origins exceeding the general association of the same modification with flanking regions. The map, clustered by both cell line and chromatin feature, is color coded, with deep red representing higher mean-centered AMI values and deep blue representing lower values (origins from the cancer cell lines U2OS and HCT116 cells were not included in this clustered analysis due to the scarcity of available chromatin data). Replication origins associated strongly with unmethylated CpGs and H3K4me3 and, to a lesser extent, with H3K9 acetylation

Download File Ayesha Singhania Showing Boobs ...




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