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Star Trek: Into Darkness Full Movie In Hindi Download ((INSTALL))

In an interview with Buzzfeed two years after the film's release, Abrams addressed some of the film's shortcomings. He thought that the dynamic for Kirk and Spock's relationship in the film "wasn't really clear." For keeping the identity of Khan a secret prior to the film's release, Abrams felt he "was trying to preserve the fun for the audience, and not just tell them something that the characters don't learn for 45 minutes into the movie, so the audience wouldn't be so ahead of it." In the end, Abrams recognized that "there were certain things I was unsure of [...] Any movie [...] has a fundamental conversation happening during it. And [for Into Darkness,] I didn't have it [...] [The problems with the plot] was not anyone's fault but mine, or, frankly, anyone's problem but mine. [The script] was a little bit of a collection of scenes that were written by my friends [...] And yet, I found myself frustrated by my choices, and unable to hang my hat on an undeniable thread of the main story. So then I found myself on that movie basically tap-dancing as well as I could to try and make the sequences as entertaining as possible [...] I would never say that I don't think that the movie ended up working. But I feel like it didn't work as well as it could have had I made some better decisions before we started shooting."[141]

Star Trek: Into Darkness full movie in hindi download

Since J.J. Abrams wanted the script of this movie kept secret as much as possible, the film's screenplay was released to the cast very soon before the film was to enter production, the start date being in January 2012. (Star Trek Magazine Special 2015, pp. 20-21) [27] Whereas a writers' strike had prevented the cast members collaborating with the writers on the previous Star Trek film, this movie was significantly modified by the cast. "The script really changed in the weeks leading up to the shoot," Spock actor Zachary Quinto recalled. "We worked on it, talked about it, and rehearsed it, so things came out of that process that we weren't able to [add] the first time." (Star Trek Magazine issue 172, p. 39)

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