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Aaranya Kaandam 720p Download 122

Aaranya Kaandam full movie is released on 7 May 2011. Characters of the movie : Prakash Raj, Priya Banerjee, Siddharth, M.K.Narayanan, Sandeep Chaudhary, Dileep and Kausalya. It is completely based on the life of Kamba Ramayanam Mahatyam author and Rama-charan. This movie is inspired by the life of Kamba Ramayanam Mahatyam author and Rama-charan.

aaranya kaandam 720p download 122

Story of the movie : An evil king Ravana plans to conquer and rule over earth. He even tries to take over Lord Rama's aaranya kaandam as well. But, he fails to get what he wants. Though he fails, he transforms his consort to a serpent by using powerful spells. With the help of this serpent who goes by the name of Chattrapathi and his faithful servant Vibhisana, he tries to break the bonds that the Lord Rama has with him. Just like the Lord Rama, he also wishes to rule the people of the world.

Production team : A blockbuster film in tamil cinema, and also the first live action movie in Indian cinema, aaranya kaandam was directed by Balachander. The story was based on the Ramayana by Valmiki. The tamil film has come out of the production houses with a lot of expectations and has created a big controversy. The film was remade in Telugu as Ponnavulu, and became a blockbuster.

Directed by Balachander, a 2010 aaranya kaandam was an adaptation of kamba ramayanam - a tamil series of kambar composed by tarakathil munusamy. this was the first tamil movie to be made under the 3-D technology.


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